256 Kilobytes VS Warrior Forum VS BlackHatWorld – What’s the best SEO forum?

If you’re anything like me, talking to like-minded individuals and people in our industry who are doing well for themselves is probably very important to you, as it’s pretty much the only way to stay on top of things and what actually works and what doesn’t.

Now, where do you find these people? What even counts as a high-quality community? Is it volume of content, content quality, freedom of speech, what?

Disclaimer: I absolutely despise BlackHatWorld, so this article will be as biased as they get, and I personally don’t think BHW deserves any better. Their corruption and incompetence to run a forum somehow got me involved in forum politics I never wanted to take part in. This is a forum that a year ago banned me with no prior (or even as much as an infraction, for that matter) based on an “anonymous tip”. It’s a place you absolutely shouldn’t even consider running any sort of long term business ventures on, as it’s very likely that it’s not going to end well – even if you have had dozens of positive reviews, and have contributed in content creation, much like I did.

If you’ve been following my newsletter, you probably know that I’ve been sharing stuff fromĀ 256 Kilobytes for a while now. I myself am on there and helping to grow the forum. The owner has been investing heavily in content creation, and if you would rather take a break from stupidity and cancerous SEO advice, you’re more than welcome to come check it out.

Anyway, let’s get on with the actual comparison in terms of SEO content, shall we? What’s a better way to do that than a good old-fashioned comparison chart, I figure:

 256 KilobytesBlackHatWorldWarrior Forum
Is a growing communityYesNoNo
The owners / management have actually done, and still do SEOYesNoIdk
Has dumb shit like thisNoYesProbably
Has a cringy name that has lost all meaningNoYesYes
Allows sellers to break the rules as long as they buy a $500 Marketplace Seller accountNoYesIdk
Has content that's genuinely helpful and not only used for content marketing or self-promotionYesNot since like 2016Idk
The owner used to sell Viagra on the InternetStill doesYesProbably
The owner is banned from BlackHatWorldYesNoProbably
The owner uses alt accounts on his own forum to answer queries he's too afraid to answer otherwiseNoYesProbably
Allows people who buy email blasts to post fake reviews on their Buy Sell Thread(s)NoYesProbably
Closes every thread that mentions sarkar21 gaming their forum with fake reviewsNoYesNo
Has been the subject of an FBI investigation and snitched on its own membersNoYesNot that I know of
Was hacked, didn't disclose it, claims there is no proof of it, and closes every thread asking anything related to the breachNoYesIdk
Horrendous, disgusting, whoever-made-this-should-die, 2/10 designYesNoNo
Allows moderators to read through users' private messagesNoYesIdk
Closes every fun and interesting threadNoYesIdk
Has moderators who brag about having at least six LLCsNot yetYesIdk
Has moderators who ask for freebies of $2 productsNoYesIdk
Has thousands of posts with non-working proxies and refuses to ban the member doing them for the sole purpose of promoting their signatureNoYesIdk
Is currently mostly made up of Indian dating adviceNoYesProbably
Has scammy "Special Offer" productsNoPfft, how about Ponzi schemesYes
Is actually a circusNoYesI never actually visited WaFo to be honest

There you have it, folks! If this isn’t the ultimate SEO forum comparison, I don’t know what is.

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