Amazon Authority Site Update (April 2019)

If you’ve been wondering how that Amazon affiliate site I was working on is doing, you’re in luck since I’m finally getting around to posting an update about it. Things have been busy and I’ve been working on things I personally find more exciting, so haven’t been doing much at all to be honest.

About a month ago, the site seemed to have gotten hit by the Florida 2 update, but ranks went back to normal like a week later, which was great to see. It also appears to have started showing up in SERPs for a lot more keywords, and that was noticeable in the earnings for March, along with the fact that we added a few more affiliate links. Sort of slow adding all the charts in since we don’t really have anyone to do those at the moment and researching kitchen products isn’t really our strong side. Either way, targeting pricey products and low competition keywords seems to pay off:

Amazon Earnings Screenshot
March 2019 earnings and clicks. Most of the earnings are from only 3 sales, which makes those few items shipped on March 31st negligible in comparison. As you can see, there was a week in March when we didn’t get too many clicks which I thought was due to the Florida 2 update, but apparently wasn’t.

Now, we could still do better in terms of Amazon CTR. Will probably add more summaries and charts this month. The site is getting about a 1000 visitors per month at this point, which is also good:

Google Analytics screenshot with hits over the past week

We also got the first featured snippet last month, which is actually the keyword which brought in about $150 of commission. If only we got all of these to #1 as well, the earnings would look a lot different; I wanted to invest in a few dozen HQ PBN links, but my partner didn’t, so here we are:

Current ranks (April 12)

In terms of link building, we still haven’t built a PBN and only did some web 2.0s which didn’t seem to help all that much. Couldn’t find a reliable VA, either. Might just free up some time and do things myself, because the site obviously has a lot more potential than what we’re doing with it.

Not gonna lie, both me and my business partner on this site have our own business ventures going on so neither of us really seems to care much to work on this site these days, especially with it being a JV and all. I also have 70 more keywords laying around waiting to be used though, so we’ll likely at least do something with those soon. There’s also plenty to be done in terms of improving content and CTR.

Either way, if you’re interested in buying this site and doing more with it, shoot me an offer. I’m confident that it can get to way beyond $1000 per month, and it’d be a shame to not spend at least a few hours per week on growing it – which is what we’re currently doing. If you’d like me to build you a site very similar to this one, with keyword research, content, and everything else done for you, check out my niche sites service.

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    • Hey Bogdan, we actually sold the site. Not really at the price point that was the original goal, but pretty happy with it 🙂

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