Amazon Authority Site – First Real Sales & Rank Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the Watch Me Build And Flip Two Amazon Affiliate Websites For $XX,XXX journey My latest update was Page 1 Ranks With Auction/Expired Domains and Zero Link Building, so check that out if you haven’t. The Tech site is on pause now, and we will be focusing solely on the Kitchen one – it was doing much better straight from the start, probably because of the auction domain we’re using for it. Things are going to slower than expected due to obligations both me and my business partner have with our own stuff that require a lot of attention and maintenance, but we’re getting there.

Currently getting a steady 20 hits per day from Google, which is fine considering the fact that we haven’t done any link building for the site whatsoever, other than some profiles (which actually helped). We will be starting out with some expired Web 2.0s this month though, since it’s about time. On top of the Web 2.0s, we will be building out PBN sites for it this month, as well. A couple links per article should get a lot of these keywords much closer to #1, thus bringing in a lot more traffic.

We haven’t made enough money to start bragging about it yet, but at least got a few sales over the past month. Our Amazon conversion rate was at around 3%, which is probably because of the high price of most of the products we’re promoting – $500 and up. Still, that was a little disappointing to see, considering I have another affiliate site getting around 6% conversion.

Our overall Amazon CTR was only around 30%, which is way too low. I figured that might be because of the content structure, since most of the sales were coming from a single article that I myself wrote, compared to the 30+ articles our writer did. To combat the low CTR, I re-structured the content to have a comparison table (if applicable for that type of article) right at the beginning of the article, and a nice article summary in a box underneath the table – both with affiliate links in them, of course. The article summary helped massively, with CTR going up to 50% over the past week, which is a huge improvement.

Current ranks, still with no links built on top of the ones the domain had before it went into auction.

In terms of ranks, we’re at #1 for a $2000 product, but yet to see any conversions come out of that article. It doesn’t seem to be the type of sale people make easily, but expecting to see some conversions from it this month, thanks to the improved CTR. If that works, will definitely scale on low competition keywords targeting high ticket items in order to get a few of these sales coming each month.

Oh, and I’m just about to set up External Link Tracking for Google Analytics. Considering how slow Amazon can be on displaying stats on time, along with the server timezone differences, this should help track which sale came from where, and what to optimize on.

The 2019 goal for this site to get it to at least a stable $1000 per month so we can flip it for 5 figures, which was the original plan all along. Finally starting to target some “best” keywords with it too, so those should help get conversion rate up.

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