Done For You Amazon Affiliate Websites

$1,597.00 $1,297.00

In 2018, I helped Amazon to generate 49.1% of all eCommerce sales in the US Market!

To add icing to the cake, more than 22% of their reported sales were sent through Amazon Affiliate Websites!  When an online store sees almost 2.5 billion monthly visits, it’s easy to see how this is possible.

The US Market was completely dominated by Amazon. Think about that for a minute… 1 out of every 8 ecommerce sales in the US were sent through the Amazon Affiliate Program!

Ten years earlier, I had heard that Amazon was on track to make 25 billion dollars, and I definitely wanted a piece of that cake.

I listened to all of the gurus, who told me to follow my passion. They said it was so I could always have something to write about. Before I had any success, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

At first, I thought my sites would be great because I was passionate about them. I wrote as much as I possibly could, to fill the pages. But sadly none of that randomly chosen information made any sales.

I had to figure out who I was writing for so I could give them the advice that they wanted to hear.

Any time I would go back to the gurus for help, their advice was to double down and continue to do what I was doing. I sure wasn’t making any money while failing at these inexperienced website projects.

I had to figure out what I was doing wrong, on my own. But being so involved, I couldn’t figure it out. I had to take a break from the site, which turned into a few months.

It was only when I came back with a fresh set of eyes, that I realized what was happening. I was making the gurus money, by following their advice. I was buying things that they recommended. And I wasn’t making any money for myself.

Knowing Black Friday was coming up, I tried something different and wrote a buyer’s guide of my own.

I didn’t know much about sales writing, so I avoided anything that sounded salesy. I stuck with how the gurus were giving advice, and wrote about product information.

The pros, the cons, what people were doing with it, and where they could get a great deal. (Amazon of course.)

I couldn’t believe it! After copying a guru’s style of writing, I made more money that weekend, then the entire website did for the whole year!

By giving my readers the information they were looking to reinforce, I was helping support the buying decision they had already made.

Most of them just needed that one last piece of reassurance, that they were making the right choice.

After I made this realization, I stopped writing about random products, and stuck with what people want.

When people are searching for your site, they aren’t asking for advice on what to buy. They are asking if what they already want to buy, is a good decision.

So, making a profit is done by writing for the person who is almost ready to buy and looking for supporting information to help them justify the purchase of the product.

Since that first amazing Black Friday weekend, I’ve built and tested dozens of websites, and have found the most profitable were buyer guides combined with single product reviews.

I now use my own strategic planning system to quickly develop affiliate sites that make money month after month, regardless of the niche.

Keyword research is the first, and most important aspect of my system. I need to know if people are even looking for a product that I will write about. Understanding the difficulty of a keyword and knowing the amount of searches it gets, I can make an educated guess regarding how profitable it can be.

Next I develop a content strategy on how I am going to use the product keywords effectively. This is where I decide what will be included in the guides. I need to be able to confirm their desire to buy, and provide information that supports the decision.

After planning the site’s content and strategy, I have a good idea of how it needs to look. This is the easiest part, because I’ve built so many of these sites. I know how people like to scroll, where they like to see images, what info needs to be in the tables, and when they are ready for product recommendations.

Until the system was streamlined, I’ve had to keep quiet about it.

After my recent posts about the site I built and sold, I’ve received a TON of requests to build out Amazon Affiliate sites using my techniques.

If you’re familiar with my keyword research services, you know that I am more focused on quality, rather than quantity.

Until I was able to finalize the development of the system that made this process streamlined, I wasn’t ready to release the service to the public. Until now.

Introducing… Affiliate Intelligence 3.0

The most comprehensive Done For You Amazon Affiliate Website building service on the market.

By avoiding the pitfalls of novice website builders, I am able to quickly research, develop, and design, a profitable website just for you. Whether you take it and grow it to sell, or keep it for the passive income, that is up to you.

You don’t want to spend days building out a site, wasting time just picking the perfect combination of options to visually create your site, while waiting on expensive writers to “hopefully” get it right. And if your keyword research is off, even a little bit, you might be targeting words that are impossible to make money with.

If you’re anything like me, you appreciate a decent shortcut. You’re not going to have to worry about the keywords, the content, or the design. Instead, you’ll only need to drive traffic to the site.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned pro, this service is designed to help you save days, weeks, or even months that you could have potentially wasted by testing and developing a site on your own. You’re paying for a decade of trial and error, to be applied when expertly developing each website.

At this point, most of you are probably wondering, “What specifically goes into each site?”

Keyword Research

The source of all profit. Targeting low competition keywords that have a potential for profit.

  • You can choose a niche, or I can choose for you. Almost any niche has a marketplace.
  • I target anywhere from 10 to 20 low competition keywords. Example: best / comparison
  • I provide 100 additional keywords for a clear direction to grow the site with.

Content Development

Taking the keywords and putting them to work, in persuasive and engaging review articles.

  • A minimum of 20,000 words of keyword optimized content across the site.
  • Comparison tables that showcase the pros and cons of each product reviewed.
  • Product research with appropriate comparisons on relevant pages.

Website Design

Fast and responsive wordpress site, designed to help people with purchasing decisions, while considering factors to help rank organically on Google.

  • An easily scalable silo structure made for optimal organic ranks and growth
  • A responsive website design and structure, to display on any device.
  • Speed optimization to boost site loading time, rank better, and keep readers happy.

Long Term Strategy

The best way to move forward with growing your website and building your brand.

  • Using a brandable domain name
  • An original vector logo, site header
  • A website report with tips on what to do next


Learn how to conduct keyword research for future efforts.

  • Free lifetime access to Keyword Research Mastery, my 6-hour long keyword research course

Available Add-ons:

Options to immediately improve the size and quality of the site, to rank more keywords and make more money.

  • Expired domain research to find a clean link profile
  • Add an extra 20,000 words of content, targeting at least 20 more low competition keywords
  • Add a blog section with 10,000 words of related informative “how to” type content

How to order

I’ve made the ordering process as easy as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a niche in mind or not, because I can help with this as well. The only thing you’ll need to do is decide how many sites you want.

Currently I have a limit of two orders per customer. (exceptions made for special circumstances) I’ve placed this limit to ensure the integrity of quality that can only be expected from my services.

Here are the 5 easy steps to ordering:

  1. At the bottom of this screen, select the quantity of sites you would like to order.
  2. Click the check boxes to select any desired Add-ons for the sites
  3. Click the Add to Cart button, which will bring you to your cart.
  4. After reviewing your selections, click the Proceed to checkout, and fill in your details
  5. Click Proceed to Paypal, where you will process the order.

At this point, most of my current clients place their order. But not all of them did so immediately.

You see, as we are all marketers that know we have a low overhead, try to get everything done ourselves. And I applaud you for this, because I was once the same way. I would see someone doing something, and I would figure out how to do it myself.

Recently I fixed a leaking pipe in my bathroom, after being quoted $297 by the local plumber.

  • I went on youtube.
  • I searched and found a step by step process to complete the repair myself.
  • I was able to identify the exact location of the leak
  • I cut a hole in the sheetrock, which I later repaired.
  • I shut off the water, and made a masterful repair (It didn’t leak anymore, so…)
  • And I reversed the order to fix all of the temporary damage.

I was proudly telling a colleague about this story, and how that $297 plumber tried to rip me off. When asked how much time it took, I puffed my chest out and said “It only took me 13 hours to learn and make the repairs myself, for $62.38!”

But he had me break down the math, based upon the end of the previous year’s take home money. It was then that I realized I had just cost myself nearly $975, on top of what the professional had quoted me. This was because it took me far longer to do, than the four hours at $75/hour quoted by the plumber.

You don’t have to make that same mistake…

A few of my current customers that went and tried to replicate my offer, spent weeks attempting to replicate my system, based on my offer. Who knows how much money had been wasted, before they came back to me and asked for my professional help.

At the investment price of only $1297, I am offering you a professional service, that will quickly get you up and running in a site you can be proud to be marketing!

Invest in your future today, and save a decade!

P.S. Speaking of product recommendations, recent studies have revealed that consumers are up to 86% more likely to trust reviews of our peers more than when an “official expert” features an item in a professional showcase!

Most consumers think that an official expert opinion review is “probably” paid to say great things about the product. So the consumers seek out social proof from peer reviews and testimonials, and that’s why the Amazon Affiliate program can be so successful.

As long as you’re answering four primary questions, you’ll be more credible than the expert with credentials!

  • Were the features and benefits accurately described by the manufacturer?
  • What did you like about it, or what problem did it solve?
  • What did you hate about it, or what problem wasn’t solved?
  • And if you could go back to the moment of purchase, would you buy it all over again?

These will answer most questions your traffic may have. But you don’t have to take MY word for it. Here is what one of my customers from Houston, Texas had to say.

“I’ve always had a hard time building relationships with cold traffic. Instead of trying to sell items as an unknown site, I took a chance and trusted Aleks’ DFY Amazon Affiliate site package.

Aleks set everything up, so all I have to do is build the links for my niche and drive traffic to my site!

Without revealing too much, my traffic comes from people searching for specific product information. They are given easy to read articles with tables, reviews, and comparisons, all before being sent to the specific product on Amazon.

People already know, like, and trust Amazon as a marketplace. Recommending items from the retail giant has generated predictable conversions, and easy commission checks.

Speaking of money, I just deposited my 6th commission check, and this last month, I just hit the four figure milestone! Thanks a million! (almost there!)”

So, without further ado, here’s what the full package includes:

  • A fully-functional Amazon affiliate site made entirely by myself
  • 20,000 words of optimized content, written by a native writer
  • Targeting 10 to 20 low competition, best/review/comparison keywords
  • 100 additional keywords you can grow the site with
  • A brandable domain name
  • Scalable silo structure made for optimal organic ranks and growth
  • Product research with appropriate comparisons on relevant pages
  • Pros/Cons for each product review
  • An original vector logo, site header
  • Responsive website design and structure
  • Speed optimization to boost site loading time, and thus rank better
  • Terms of Service, Policy, Disclaimer, and Contact pages
  • A website report with tips on what to do next
  • Any niche you pick, or I could choose for you. For non-Amazon affiliate sites, please contact me first
  • Free lifetime access to Keyword Research Mastery, my 6-hour long keyword research course (priced at $229)
  • 10 to 20 days TAT (without add-ons)