Privacy Policy

In order to keep up with the GDRP trend of updating privacy policies, here’s mine. Last updated on June 5th 2018.

Who am I and what is this website for?

I go by Aleks and I’m a blogger and digital marketer. You probably know that already if you’re visiting this blog.

This blog is one of my main personal branding projects, and with every blog post I’ll be writing and possibly producing videos on whatever I’ve came up with with either my own subjective personal experience or research I’ve done. The purpose of this website is to show you I know my stuff, hopefully teach you few things along the way and get you to want to work with me or buy my products and services, or products and services I recommend and get commission for doing so (if they have an affiliate program to make that possible).

And yes, I do get commission for some of the products and services I use and recommend on this blog. Not for all of them, though, but if a product or service has an affiliate program and I happen to use and recommend it, I will likely take advantage of that. You can hate me all you want, and if you have a problem with me wanting to get paid for what I do, you’re free to leave – you won’t be missed.

About your personal data

I couldn’t care less about it. Honestly. All I care about is your email, if you happen to have given it to me in a friendly manner – you’re free to unsubscribe at any time. I will be sending occasional blog post updates, promotions, etc through that which I assume is in your best interest, if you still hadn’t unsubscribed.

Third party services that may I may use with your personal data include:

  • Email marketing services such as MailChimp or Aweber so I can reach out to subscribers of my newsletter AND customers
  • Analytics tracking services, such as Google Analytics or Clicky so I can see how you came to this blog and your country of residence
  • Remarketing services such as the Facebook Ads Pixel so that I can show target you with ads at some point in the future, perhaps

PayPal is used for processing payments, so whatever information you have public there, I will probably be able to see. I won’t be trying to add you on Facebook or anything like that if I see your real name though, so no worries there. If you have a problem with me seeing your real name, go talk to PayPal about it or just don’t buy.

Also, anyone is free to comment on my website and comments are subject to my approval. Whatever personal information you include in a comment is your business and your own responsibility. That doesn’t just go for comments, but any information you provide on this website or by contacting me through the contact form or email – if you’re not comfortable sharing it, please don’t share it.

All of the third party services listed above which I use or which have anything to do with this blog have their own policies and terms, with information on what I can do with your personal data and what they actually collect, so you’re free to look those up yourself.


Cookies are used to get content to load faster. I don’t know much else about it since I myself would have to understand it better first. I don’t have anything special in place nor do I have the skills to code it just to track you, so easy off on the paranoia.

Do I collect data?

Yes – if you buy stuff from me, contact me, post anything on this blog, or subscribe to my newsletter. And it’s not like I have a bedroom full of CSI style investigation pictures where I store your information. At best, it’s your email with a couple of words somewhere on a text file or a spreadsheet.

Anyway, I find privacy policies for websites like mine to be a gigantic waste of time, so better wrap this up.


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