Watch Me Build And Flip Two Amazon Affiliate Websites For $XX,XXX

A little over a year and a half ago I decided to stop placing so much focus on affiliate marketing and start doing more client SEO instead. Probably not the smartest financial decision on my part, although it felt like the best thing to do at the time. The missing human factor in affiliate marketing, or in other words, the fact that you could do it with almost zero interaction with other human beings started taking its toll on me – or at least so it felt. I had no clients, no one to hold me accountable for anything, and every task was a sort of “it can be done later because I’m making a killing and there is no real rush”.

This, of course, has its benefits but nonetheless it became old and it was time for a change. So, I put together a team of people I’ve previously worked with, a couple of them being some of my best friends and my microniche sites service was born. Later came my keyword research service, consulting, and a couple of other side gigs. I worked more than I usually would, while making less money than I was used to and my affiliate earnings slowly decreased as I was losing interest in the websites I had. That was okay though, because I was making more connections than ever, had clients who were expecting me to get things done, doing more content marketing, getting positive feedback from people in my industry for a change, and working on developing services I believed in with people I enjoyed working with.

While doing more and more keyword research and building websites for other people though, the affiliate marketer in me started appearing again and I now can’t help myself but start to work on a couple of my own affiliate sites and grow them. I actually think it started coming back after I heard that 10Beasts got sold for a little over half a million dollars. Don’t get me wrong – I still love having clients and I will keep doing what I do, but affiliate marketing is something I can’t really leave behind just yet.

Why do I want to flip these websites, you wonder? Most affiliate websites currently listed on Empire Flippers are currently sold for 27 to 32 times what they make per month. Now, having a website that makes a decent amount can be a good source of “almost passive” income. I really don’t have interest in that though – starting new things is my passion. Maintaining them, not so much. I might change my mind along the way though, we’ll see.

So, what’s the plan?

This will be my first of a series of posts about the two Amazon affiliate websites that I will be building with one of my business partners, splitting both costs and profit 60% / 40%. The plan for these two websites will be to grow them as fast as possible, get them both to $50+/day each and then flip them. The niches are Tech and Kitchen – already did my keyword research and found some amazing “best” and buyer product-related keywords to target for both websites.

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We still don’t have a clear link building strategy in place, but no PBN link buying will be done whatsoever – these need to be clean and sellable. I’m also not a fan of using the wrong link service and possibly watching my earnings (along with the hard work put into a website) slowly evaporate – been there, done that. The only PBN links built to these websites will be from my own networks, which will be built for the sole purpose of helping each of these websites rank, which I might only do for one of the sites. Whoever buys these will get the PBN built for each website along with the site itself – it seems only fair.

What’s been done so far?

Keyword Research

Like I said, I already did my keyword research for these. For the Tech site, I have about 30 main keywords I’ll be targeting, adding up to a total of 25,000 average monthly searches. These are all “best” keywords and I will be producing 3000 to 6000 word articles for each of these.

Taking a slightly different approach with the second site though – the niche is a lot narrower and the main keywords I’m targeting with this one are related to specific products. I currently have keywords that add up to a total of about 11,000 average monthly searches.

A LOT of long tail, LSI and different product-related keywords will be targeted in the content for both of these websites and the plan is to have the content as rich with related keywords as possible. I’ve found that relevancy helps a ton these days and dull content doesn’t rank so well. Product prices range from $100 to $1000 (for the most part) for both of these websites and commission percentages vary – not focusing much on those at all to be honest.

Finding Expired Domains

I then went ahead and ran through a few hundred auction domains on GoDaddy. Please don’t think I like GoDaddy though, I absolutely despise them but they just happen to have the best auction domains on there. I checked them with Ahrefs, and found a few I was interested in. Lost the first auction for the Tech site, but got lucky with the second one. There were no other bidders and I snatched a nice brandable .net domain for less than $22. Nothing too special – an Ahrefs Domain Rating of 7 and 24 expired domains. However, this was one of the only available ones that didn’t have a stupid name. I don’t necessarily care about metrics that much – I just don’t want to use a fresh domain mostly because of the Google sandbox, which in my experience has been getting worse lately and it now seems to take a couple of months to start seeing any sort of half-normal ranks.

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For the kitchen site, I found an awesome brandable expired domain which used to be for a legitimate business. It has a Domain Authority of 25, 12 Trust Flow, Ahrefs DR of 21 and 69 Referring Domains. Not the best one ever, but extremely niche relevant and probably worth the $214 and beating over a dozen other bidders.

I also just bought another expired domain which I will use as a PBN for the kitchen site, which was actually my 2nd option if I didn’t win the auction for the first one. That one was just 12 GBP, so the total cost for it was $30.

Got started on the template

We’ll be using a website template very similar to 10Beasts – my partner already rebuilt and improved on what they were doing. We want to keep everything easy to manage and as fast as possible so we’re using the theme GeneratePress for both of these websites. It’s also the theme I use on this blog and I’ve slowly fallen in love with it. I now dread working with any other WordPress theme.

Found a new writer

I found a writer that we will be using specifically for these two projects. She’s decent and we pay her $20 per 1000 words. However, I’ll be double checking all content myself and will be adding additional keywords and doing the SEO part myself. One 5000 word article for the first site is already done – ordering two more soon, and already ordered 16 articles for the second site.

Next Steps

Currently waiting for most of the content to be delivered, and we’ll be adding it on both sites as soon as we fully complete them, which should be sometime around July 10th, after I come back from vacation. More blog posts will follow and most of what we’ll be doing with these two sites will be described in detail.

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10 thoughts on “Watch Me Build And Flip Two Amazon Affiliate Websites For $XX,XXX

  1. Hi Hacko,

    Thank you very much for this.

    Everyone hates GoDaddy but there is no better option when it comes to buying auctions.

    For your keywords, do you use any keyword difficulty tool ? If yes, what is the name and what is the average difficulty for your keywords?

    • Probably after the sites are built and some keywords gets in SERPs – will be posting updates about what was done and how it affected things, so not before July 10th.

  2. That’s right, after someone makes passive amount he/she isn’t answerable to anyone.
    And best of luck on your journey to flip websites ! I am already a fan of your KW Research service, I am sure you guys will make bank hard. 🙂

    I look forward for more posts in future.

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