Zero to 320 Organic Keywords In Less Than Two Months

This will be a quick post, just wanted to share the results a client got with a brand new niche site he ordered two months ago. He doesn’t mind me sharing his progress. The site is focused on the Amazon Associates program, but he won’t be adding affiliate links for at least a few months, until ranks settle.

Here’s some organic rank data from Ahrefs:

Ahrefs Organic Rank Data
Ahrefs Organic Rank Stats
Ahrefs organic keyword ranks
Ahrefs organic keyword ranks

How it was done:

  1. The client picked a niche he thought had potential, and decided to go with a brand new brandable domain name
  2. I found 257 keywords that were the best in the niche, then went and checked the allintitle results for all of them
  3. We agreed on 34 initial keywords to target with the 50,000 words of content he ordered as add-ons
  4. A few weeks later, the site was done and all content was posted – this was around the end of December
  5. Two weeks ago we added another batch of content (34,000 words)

That’s all there is to it. A good niche with lots of room to work in, along with low competition keywords backed up by actual data (manual look at SERPs along with allintitle results) and good-quality content and on-page SEO, while keeping the site loading fast. Give Google what it wants and it’ll give back!

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6 thoughts on “Zero to 320 Organic Keywords In Less Than Two Months

  1. What kind of numbers were you looking at when checking allintitle and ahrefs for competition? Like was it KD of 10 or below? Allintitle under 63? Just curious so that I may duplicate the results. Great article and appreciated.

    • Hey David,

      It depends, since allintitle can be tricky depending on the variations of the keyword. Generally speaking, Ahrefs KD < 10 and allintitle < 70 can work good, but in my experience you better double check everything that's between Ahrefs KD 3 and 10 since I find their difficulty formula very skewed, where you'll have keywords at 7 which should be 40+ in my opinion. Thanks!

  2. Hey Aleks, is it better to start with a brand new domain or purchase an expired domain (with preferably clean backlinks)?

    • Hey Art,

      Really depends on the use case. I would argue that for more competitive niches an auction domain is better, while for easier ones with a lot of low competition keywords around a new domain is fine, as long as you’re in it for the long term.

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